Tomorrow's Tools Today lesson ideas

We've covered A LOT of ground in this class, and odds are some tools and strategies made your boat float and others did not. The point was to give you some hands-on exposure to technology that is either currently making a difference in students' learning, or it soon will. Now it's your turn to reflect on everything we've covered, and perhaps some things that we have not, and brainstorm ideas for how to use these tools in your current or future classroom.

Consider what we've covered this semester (and a few things we have not):

  • Blogs
  • Online simulations
  • Telecollaboration
  • Wikis
  • Podcasting
  • Digital History
  • Spreadsheets for Inquiry
  • Online databases
  • WebQuests
  • Web Inquiry Projects
  • Online Professional Development (Tapped In)
  • Digital microscopes
  • Probeware
  • GPS
  • GIS
  • Google Earth
  • NASA Woodwind
  • Digital video
  • Web design in general

That's a lot of stuff. Your job is to pick the handful of these items that pulled you into their orbit and discuss for me, very informally, your ideas for including them in your teaching. I'd like at least one page, single-spaced on this. I don't want lesson plans--instead I want innovation. Think outside the box. Thing five years down the road. Invent ideas. Invent technologies. Think change and think fun! Blow me away with your ideas.

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