What is the best brand of toilet paper?

  • Is it the strongest?
  • Is it the softest?
  • Maybe it's the cheapest?

You have been supplied with samples of four different brands of toilet paper. Your team must determine which of the four brands is the "best." It's up to you to determine what "best" means for your group and what type(s) of data you will collect to determine which brand is "best."

To help you complete this task you may use the tools brought to you by the instructor:

  • water
  • eye droppers
  • coins (for weight)
  • digital microscope
  • ruler
  • any other tools you can think of

Consistent with what we've learned up 'til now, you shoud use spreadsheets and/or concept maps, etc. to help manipulate your data and present your findings.


In one hour your team must present the results of your data analysis in a PowerPoint presentation to the class. Your presentation must include:

  • Chart(s) to support your conclusion. You must quantify some portion of your results. To do this, place this data in a spreadsheet and create chart(s). These must then be copied/pasted into your PowerPoint.
  • Four images/movies of your samples captured from a digital microscope.
  • At least two images downloaded from the web.
  • Try to keep your presentation under six slides, because your team will only have three minutes to present to the class.
  • Feel free to do other stuff, like use concept maps, download sounds from the web, calling a grocery store for price checks, etc.

Do you think all the teams will agree on what's best? We will find out soon...

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