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spring 2006
tuesday, 4:35 - 7:05

Writing for an Audience | Seeing What Can't Be Seen

Class 1

Jan 10

Activity: Blogging

Activity: Online simulations

Before Next Class:

What's the Big Fuss About El Niño?

Class 2

Jan 17

Activity: An Inquiry into El Niño

Web Editing

Class 3

Jan 24

Activity: Web Editing

What's this mysterious process all about? Check out some old but still relevant info on web development. Follow your instuctor's directions carefully (Managing files using Dreamweaver) to set up the local folder where your html documents and image files will reside. We'll practice the process in preparation for future assignments.

Here are some job aids to support the processes:

Before Next Class:

Telecollaboration | Podcasting

Class 4

Jan 31

Activity: Faraway Partners

Begin TCL Assignment

Before Next Class:

Work Session

Class 5

Feb 7

Work on your TCLs

Before Next Class:

  • Read Chs. 1 & 2 of The Non-Designer's Design Book
Digital Video - Meet in MMC 1705A

Class 6

Feb 14

Activity: Digital Video

Before Next Class:

  • Activity: Podcasting
  • Read Chs. 3 & 4 of The Non-Designer's Design Book
Qualitative Inquiry with Primary Sources

Class 7

Feb 21

Activity: Inquiry with Online Primary Sources


Microscopes and Probeware

Class 8

Feb 28

Tuesday Activity: Online Professional Development

Thursday Activity 4:30 - 6:30: Microscopes and Probeware with Dr. Randy Yerrick

Toilet Paper Dilemma

Class 9

Mar 7

Activity: Wiping up what we've learned

Before Next Class:

  • Finish reading The Non-Designer's Design Book
  • Read Chapters 1 & 2 of The Non-Designer's Web Book
No Class - Spring Break

Mar 14

Wear Sunscreen!
Online Databases

Class 10

Mar 21

Activity: Learning with Databases

Before Next Class:

Work Session

Class 11

Mar 28

Work on your DELs

WebQuests and Web Inquiry Projects

Class 12

Apr 4

Discover online projects for your students through established approaches.

Activity: Hands on with QuestGarden - Enroll and start brainstorming in the topic area of QuestGarden.

Before Next Class: Get your Topic approved by Molebash. Come to class in two weeks with the Topic and Standards chosen, the Evaluation complete, and the Task written.

Web-Based Lesson Work Session (Virtual Class Session)

Class 13

Apr 11

Face to face class will not be held this week. Instead, continue to work your way through QuestGarden. Ask for feedback at any point where you want it. Molebash will be available with a response within 24 hours.


Class 14

Apr 18

Continue working on your WebQuest design as needed.

Additional Resources:

WebQuest Resources and Training


WebQuest Work Session

Class 15

Apr 25

Activity: GPS & Geocaching

Activity: Wikispaces


Showcase & Celebration

Class 16

May 2

Bring something to drink (PG-13) and/or eat as we celebrate and review your fine projects.

Class is at Molebash's house

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